Finishing the Playground and Garden! 🌼🍎


Our final project for the Dream Home, is SUCH an exciting one: an expanded playground and garden area for the girls! It’s no question that our beautiful and practical outdoor space is one of the most beloved features of the Dream Home. Almost every young woman who lives here mentions gardening or playing outside as their favorite activity during free time!


We’re excited to provide a beautiful space where the girls can relax and play, but we also need the garden to feed the 25 girls who live here! Did you know that we grow almost all of our own food at the Dream Home? The girls take pride in helping with the garden and learning how to live a sustainable, independent lifestyle. It helps that all the work has a delicious result, too!

Investing in this project will allow our girls to stay healthy through exercise and homegrown fruits and vegetables. Learning and healing through their outdoor hobbies has meant so much to the young women in the Dream Home, and we want it to be an option for even more girls who need our help. Our playground and garden expansion will cost $6,632. Can you partner with us to make this happen by joining the Dream Builder campaign today?

Help Us Be Monsoon-Ready! 🌧

One of the most important projects to complete for the Dream Home, is getting our driveway and access road paved. While we try to be as self-contained as possible, we do have a lot people coming back and forth to keep our home running. The current dirt road just simply isn’t sustainable for us, especially during the unpredictable monsoon seasons. 


Monsoon season has such a significant impact on the Indian economy and overall well-being of residents that it has been dubbed the "real finance minister of India.” Extremely high winds and unpredictable rainfall can destroy crops, flood towns, and wash out roads. To make sure that we have consistent access to necessary supplies and that the professionals who work at the Dream Home can get in and out, it’s important that we have a road that can withstand the monsoons. 

We can't make this happen without your help. Paving our road will cost $11,155 total. Consider joining us as a Dream Builder and, while you’re at it, share the campaign with your friends. Every bit helps!

Update From Seth Jones About The Dream Home

In case you missed it, One Life co-founder Seth Jones hosted a super informative Facebook Live event on Wednesday to update our circle on the current status of the Dream Home and everything we're hoping to accomplish in the coming months! Click here to watch it.

We know your schedule is busy, so we're giving you a chance to replay the video when you have some down time. Watch, learn, and share it on Facebook! If you have any questions about One Life or our current Dream Builder Campaign, feel free to email or message us on any social media platform. We couldn't do this without you!

Time To Paint The Dream Home🎨

We’re well on our way to creating something that will last lifetimes, and that’s pretty amazing! Some of the projects we’re finishing now are purely about function, but this is a home we’re talking about—it needs to be beautiful! We’ve been blessed with an incredible space at the Dream Home, and the girls love living there, but it’s still the drab gray of raw concrete. We’re investing in a paint job to cheer up the place, but it’s a functional project, too!



As concrete ages, it becomes vulnerable to cracking. Despite the strength of the material, it doesn’t respond well to extreme temperatures, and any material will get beaten down by our monsoon season. By protecting our building with paint, we’re providing additional insulation from outdoor temperatures and lowering the chances of future crumbling or cracking. 

Your investment in this beautiful, functional space is crucial. Painting the whole Dream Home will cost $16,729. Now is the time to join us—become a Dream Builder today!


Powered by the ☀️


Last week we talked about our very necessary roof repair, but this week we have a FUN project to tell you about–solar panels! The addition of solar panels to the Dream Home is paramount to our sustainability-focused final build and it’s going to change the game for us. Harnessing our own power will be significantly less expensive in the long run, and it’s better for the environment!

Did you know the worst consequences of environmental deterioration are experienced by the poor? Many people living in the slums of India rely heavily on their environment to survive. Polluted water, smog, and improper disposal of waste hit harder when your home is open-air, your clothes and shoes are tattered, and you don’t have the option to go buy a fresh bottle of water. If you’re spending all day trying to procure basic necessities like food and clean water, it’s nearly impossible to break out of poverty. Using solar energy is just one way we can help the surrounding community and leave this world in good shape for the girls we serve!

Our solar panel set-up will cost $9,715. Help us (and the earth) by becoming a Dream Builder today! Your donation will make a difference for years to come. 

It’s not glamorous, but it sure is necessary!


In case you missed it, there are exciting things happening with One Life! We launched our Dream Builder campaign last week to help raise the money needed to finish necessary renovation projects in the Dream Home. In the interest of being transparent with our supporters, we're going to share a bit about each project with you between now and #GivingTuesday!

The first major project is repairing the roof. It’s not glamorous, but it sure is necessary! We love the Dream Home building and we want to make it as beautiful as possible, but functionality is always the priority. Without a well sealed roof, everything else we have is at risk. The rain and wind during monsoon season can be intense, so it’s important that we make sure we’re well prepared to weather the many storms ahead!

Roof repair for the whole Dream Home will cost $5,769. You can help us knock out this essential project with a donation today!

Launching The Dream Builder Campaign


ll of us at One Life are working hard to finish our build-out of the Dream Home and we're so close! We still have a few essential projects to complete and we’re going to need your help. Our team is setting out to raise $50,000 by #GivingTuesday, which is November 28th of this year. It’s a bold goal, but we believe it’s more than possible!


For $25 a month, $1 for each girl currently in our program, you can become a Dream Builder, providing much needed resources to sustain the Dream Home and serve even more young women who deserve a better life.

Our intention is to make sure the Dream Home outlasts all of us, which is why each it’s so important that we build it right the first time. It’s exciting to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves, and we think you’ll want to be part of it, too!

These young women are able to thrive because you believe in them.