Time To Paint The Dream Home🎨

We’re well on our way to creating something that will last lifetimes, and that’s pretty amazing! Some of the projects we’re finishing now are purely about function, but this is a home we’re talking about—it needs to be beautiful! We’ve been blessed with an incredible space at the Dream Home, and the girls love living there, but it’s still the drab gray of raw concrete. We’re investing in a paint job to cheer up the place, but it’s a functional project, too!



As concrete ages, it becomes vulnerable to cracking. Despite the strength of the material, it doesn’t respond well to extreme temperatures, and any material will get beaten down by our monsoon season. By protecting our building with paint, we’re providing additional insulation from outdoor temperatures and lowering the chances of future crumbling or cracking. 

Your investment in this beautiful, functional space is crucial. Painting the whole Dream Home will cost $16,729. Now is the time to join us—become a Dream Builder today!