Help Us Be Monsoon-Ready! 🌧

One of the most important projects to complete for the Dream Home, is getting our driveway and access road paved. While we try to be as self-contained as possible, we do have a lot people coming back and forth to keep our home running. The current dirt road just simply isn’t sustainable for us, especially during the unpredictable monsoon seasons. 


Monsoon season has such a significant impact on the Indian economy and overall well-being of residents that it has been dubbed the "real finance minister of India.” Extremely high winds and unpredictable rainfall can destroy crops, flood towns, and wash out roads. To make sure that we have consistent access to necessary supplies and that the professionals who work at the Dream Home can get in and out, it’s important that we have a road that can withstand the monsoons. 

We can't make this happen without your help. Paving our road will cost $11,155 total. Consider joining us as a Dream Builder and, while you’re at it, share the campaign with your friends. Every bit helps!