Finishing the Playground and Garden! 🌼🍎


Our final project for the Dream Home, is SUCH an exciting one: an expanded playground and garden area for the girls! It’s no question that our beautiful and practical outdoor space is one of the most beloved features of the Dream Home. Almost every young woman who lives here mentions gardening or playing outside as their favorite activity during free time!


We’re excited to provide a beautiful space where the girls can relax and play, but we also need the garden to feed the 25 girls who live here! Did you know that we grow almost all of our own food at the Dream Home? The girls take pride in helping with the garden and learning how to live a sustainable, independent lifestyle. It helps that all the work has a delicious result, too!

Investing in this project will allow our girls to stay healthy through exercise and homegrown fruits and vegetables. Learning and healing through their outdoor hobbies has meant so much to the young women in the Dream Home, and we want it to be an option for even more girls who need our help. Our playground and garden expansion will cost $6,632. Can you partner with us to make this happen by joining the Dream Builder campaign today?