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Last week we talked about our very necessary roof repair, but this week we have a FUN project to tell you about–solar panels! The addition of solar panels to the Dream Home is paramount to our sustainability-focused final build and it’s going to change the game for us. Harnessing our own power will be significantly less expensive in the long run, and it’s better for the environment!

Did you know the worst consequences of environmental deterioration are experienced by the poor? Many people living in the slums of India rely heavily on their environment to survive. Polluted water, smog, and improper disposal of waste hit harder when your home is open-air, your clothes and shoes are tattered, and you don’t have the option to go buy a fresh bottle of water. If you’re spending all day trying to procure basic necessities like food and clean water, it’s nearly impossible to break out of poverty. Using solar energy is just one way we can help the surrounding community and leave this world in good shape for the girls we serve!

Our solar panel set-up will cost $9,715. Help us (and the earth) by becoming a Dream Builder today! Your donation will make a difference for years to come.